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    Clinical Studies- Myths vs. Facts

    Everyone has heard different stories about clinical trials- some of these are just made up while others are true and in many ways, these can have bearing on your decision on whether to participate. Take a look at some of the myths and facts that you may want to take into consideration: MYTH: Clinical studies aren’t safe. If I sign up, I’d surely be gambling my health. FACT: There are a number of measures in place that help protect the safety of those who participate in these studies- there is careful study design and oversight byvarious institutional review boards. Independent experts periodically monitor study data. Clinical study participants also receive careful &regular medical attention. They are closely observed for any safety concerns. In the course of the study, researchers at Trials and Clinical Researchare also required to inform you of […]

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  • Doctor hiring personnel

    Patient Recruitment

    Trials and Clinical Research of Homestead has addressed the patient recruitment process by leveraging the trusted relationship between physician and patient.It is important to have a network that capitalizes on the potential opportunity that a patient can receive by being a part of a clinical trial. Patient recruitment is no easy task but by working through a network of trust and need we can create the opportunities necessary that come from clinical trials and research.As we progress within the ever evolving landscape of healthcare it’s important that there are clinics such as ours that are advancing medical studies.

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  • Business Development

    Business Development

    A large number of sites may not be big enough or perhaps have the funds to employ an expert business development individual. If this happens, think about the following alternatives to ensure you are leading new business to your site. Of all the jobs you have at an experiment site, one that usually gets neglected is business growth. When the large quantity of your projects revolves around the web research alone, it can be difficult to find time to dedicate to finding new reports. However, it is a vital effort if you would like to operate an efficient site. Draw attention to your skill It’s alright to brag a bit, so long as you have the evidence to back it up. Sites that monitor overall performance metrics and are capable to show precise information to contributors are more likely to [...]

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