Clinical Trials

A clinical trial (or clinical research) is no more than research done with human volunteers to help answer specific health questions with hopes of helping the future. Clinical trials are carefully set up to ensure the safest and quickest route to finding treatments that work on humans

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Our research team consists of highly educated, highly qualified, and highly educated individuals. Our staff is friendly and professional, each member is loyal, dedicated, and respectful.Our physicians are Board certified physicians (Pediatrics, General Medicine, and Internal Medicine)

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Clinical trials start with our volunteers. Our volunteers play an active role in the future of health care. There are many benefits for those that participate, among potential compensation, you gain access to treatments before they are widely available, and usually receive them free of cost!

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Our current facility is located just a couple miles from the beautiful beaches of the Keys. The neat thing about reaching our facility is that the turn pike less than a mile away, Krome Avenue is a main road, and US-1 is around the corner. Our clinic is fairly simple to reach and located in the heart of Homestead.


Trials and Clinical Research of Homestead is constantly looking for volunteers. If you are interested, pick up the phone and call us or apply online from any device. We are constantly recruiting patients, so click to sign up today!!


“We promise to be as honest, dedicated, respectful, and diligent as we can as workers. Our goal is to insure many quick and safe clinical trials” — Trials and Clinical Research Staff and Administration